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Retail store in Agawam, MA will be open Monday (8/28 : 2pm-6pm), Tuesday (8/29 : 2pm-5pm), Wednesday (8/30 10am-2pm), Thursday (8/31 10am-2pm). To contact the team email us at

Looking to get your MA LTC/FID? Utah Non-Resident or CT Pistol Permit? Look no further than Firearm Professionals. Training classes run all year round.
We also have a full selection of training classes, including Gun Permit Classes. We utilize the most advanced training simulator in the US! With 1-2 classes every week please see our MA Gun Permit page for more information.

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14 Aug 17
Re-Opening this Wednesday

Firearm Professionals retail store will be opening this Wednesday from 2pm-6pm. Thursday from 1pm-5p...

Our Services

We proudly offer the following services, including MA LTC, Utah and CT Concealed Carry Firearms Training right next door!

  1. 1

    FIREARM PROFESSIONALS offers 3 convenient Layaway Plans

    Our 30-day Layaway plan lets you pay your gun off in 30 days at no additional charge!

    Our 3-Months Layaway plan lets you pay your gun off in 3 Months for a low service fee!

    Our 6-Month Layaway plan gives you 6 Months to pay off that Firearm you’ve always wanted.

    With a 20% deposit, and minimum Monthly payment, we make it simple and easy to manage.

    Don’t miss out on that gun you want! Buy it today with our Layaway plan. Come in store for more details and to take advantage of this excellent service.

  2. 2

    We pride ourselves of making our customers happy, and when we offer you our cost-effective Consignment program, we’re making sure that you get the very best return on the sale of your firearm.

    Consignment is a great way to sell your firearm, here in our store, and online including free professional photography and a low service fee!

    Come on in to FIREARM PROFESSIONALS and get the most on the firearms you no longer want/need!

  3. 3
    FFL Transfer

    FIREARM PROFESSIONALS will accept transfers from out of state dealers. Have your local FFL, or online store contact us for our FFL, we’ll get the transaction underway and your firearm will be here in store soon!

    We can only accept MA Compliant handguns, and all transferees must complete a 4473 form, and have a valid firearms permit.

    Our out-of-state FFL transfer fees are only $40. In-person FFL transfers are $70. NB: Private transfers are possible without an FFL in MA. Private transfers must be utilize the MA Gun Transaction Portal.

  4. 4
    Permit Training

    FIREARM PROFESSIONALS a dedicated full-service Firearms Training academy right here in Agawam.

    With regular permit classes, including Home Firearm Safety and Utah non-resident.

    Whether you’re looking for your MA LTC, FID, CT or Utah Concealed Carry permits, look no further than our Firearms Academy at FIREARM PROFESSIONALS, Agawam.



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