I have always been driven to help others. My passions are Firearms and Real Estate, and now I get to help others with their firearm needs, and help those sell or buy their homes. I am extremely lucky.

From the moment I pulled the trigger of a handgun, in 2005, I was hooked. I loved the sport. I love perfecting my skills, practicing and believe it or not, cleaning my guns. What I love more is helping others find their passion for firearms. I love teaching people the skills to own and enjoy firearms with care and safety. I love teaching new skills to those who want to learn more and more about the sport. Finally, I am blessed to be able to help my customers find the right gun for their needs – safety, sport or recreation.

I started my career as a computer programmer, but soon realized I was meant to be in graphic design. My career took me from my hometown of Sydney, Australia, via London, England, to eventually running my own freelance design and marketing company in Southern Connecticut for 8 years.

Having a background in Design and Marketing, and a passion for helping others in Real Estate gives me an advantage in today’s world of Real Estate Sales – where you’ve got to get your listing seen in more places with more skill! I am part of a two-person team with my partner, Sandy Martin, and together we are available 24-hours a day, and ready to market and sell your home, or help you find your dream home! Two great realtors for the 1 great price!