February 28, 2017

Gun Owner’s Responsibilities

Americans enjoy a right that citizens of many other countries do not – The right to own firearms. With this right comes responsibilities. It is the gun owner’s responsibility to store, operate and maintain his/her own firearms safely! It is the Gun owner’s responsibility to ensure that unauthorized or untrained individuals cannot gain access to […]

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January 15, 2017

Don’t go gun shopping without it!

YOUR MA LTC PIN! You thought we were going to say your Gun Permit, didn’t you? Well, we just assume you’ve already got that! What you can’t leave home without, when hunting (pun intended) for your next gun purchase is your MA LTC PIN! In previous years, the PIN was not required for gun purchases, […]

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October 14, 2016

Introducing the Handgun Test Drive

Ever wanted to simply test out a gun, compare 2 handguns, or compare calibers? We’ve got the solution, right here at Firearm Professionals. Work one-on-one with an experienced, trained professional with over 20 years of military, police and civilian training experience. You will have the opportunity to test drive up to 2 of the most […]

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October 10, 2016

What is Massachusetts Compliant?

What are Massachusetts compliant handguns?Believe it or not, for handguns, this is not an easy question to answer.There are many different regulations, guidelines and rules which all lend to various opinions and interpretations. Massachusetts compliance regulations are sometimes tricky to understand and are absolutely frustrating. So, what does it mean when a handgun is MA […]

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