Christmas Movie Trivia Challenge

Our Christmas Movie Trivia Challenge will commence on Monday, December 19th 2016. The last day of the Challenge will be Friday, December 23rd, 2016.

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Official Rules of our Christmas Movie Trivia Challenge

  • Each morning at 7:30am EST we will be posting the morning Christmas Movie Trivia Challenge Video. All requirements and prize will be posted in the post.
  • Mon-Thursday evening at 5:30pm EST we will be emailing, via our newsletter (signup below), a second challenge. Email your answers by replying to the email. All rules will be posted in the email.
  • The first response with all correct answers in the correct order will win that prize!
  • Where responses are so close, we may award two prizes in the order the correct responses were received.
  • If not 100% correct answer series is given within 30 minutes, the most correct answer series will win.
  • No purchase necessary.
  • The prize for the challenge will be posted with each challenge.
  • All prizes must be picked up in store, during business hours.
  • You may only win 1 prize per day.
  • Prizes containing restricted items, such as Ammunition, must be claimed by someone with a valid permit.
  • The winners will be posted on Facebook, and our Website.
  • If your full name is not listed on your Facebook bio, you must contact us through FB with your full name to claim your prize.
  • Winners will have 30 days to claim your prize.
  • Employees and their Families of Firearm Professionals, are not eligible for prizes. Sponsors and their employees and families are not eligible for their sponsors challenge.


MONDAY – The Grinch
Facebook Winner: Jessica Reopelle Thornton
Answers: Max, “Means a little bit more”, and Ron Howard

Email Winner: Nick Sheldon
Answers: Jim Carrey, Dr. Seuss, and Cindy Lou Who

TUESDAY – Christmas Vacation
Facebook Winner: Gerry Basile & Josh Kunierz
Answers: Clark W. Griswold Jr, Todd & Margo (Chester), The neck, and “Lewis burned it”

Email Winner: Lisa Vachon
Answers: Jelly of the Month Club, A squirrel, Randy Quaid, Seinfeld, and Snots

Facebook Winner: Wesley Jillson
Answers: Harry & Marv, Polka, 1990, Kevin McCallister

Email Winner: Gerry Basile
Answers: Little Nero’s Pizza, Cheese, $122.50, Mom, 10 Pizzas

Sponsored by The Pizza Guy

THURSDAY – Christmas with the Kranks
Facebook Winner: Jessica Reopelle Thornton
Answers: Jamie Lee Curtis & Tim Allen, Frost, (the snowman), Hickory Honey Ham, Skip

Email Winner: Donna Strand
Answers: Dan Aykroyd, c) Smoked Trout, Blair and N.Reeky (Enrique)