March 30, 2016

Defensive Handgun Training Workshop

Defensive Handgun Training – next class scheduled for Sunday, April 24th! Hands-on, live-fire and simulated shooting during this intensive 8-hour workshop limited to only 8 students for only $199

A lot of people talk about “mindset” and “combat minded”; and it is definitely something you need to learn and rehearse if you’re going to carry a gun for a living, or as as conceal carry civilian.

We want to work on “training mindset” as well. Along with your fundamentals training, and principles of marksmanship we replicate your training and make it as realistic as possible.

Don’t fool yourself; don’t get in to that range habit of “I’m shooting great groups. I’m a really good shooter”. We’re going to make the training different, difficult and as realistic as possible, increasing your heart rate and increasing your stress level. If you carry as gun, chances are, if you ever have to use that gun it’s going to be very close and you’re going to have to fight!

Let’s us train you, with our state-of-the-art Virtual Firearms Simulator and realistic scenarios, stress inoculation and strength training.

Come in; stress yourself out; and do some shooting while you’re at it!

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