January 15, 2017

Don’t go gun shopping without it!

MA LTC, LTC PIN, Gun Permit, MA LTC PIN, PIN, Gun Permit PIN, Get my PIN, How to, Firearms license, FID, Firearm Professionals, AgawamYOUR MA LTC PIN!

You thought we were going to say your Gun Permit, didn’t you? Well, we just assume you’ve already got that! What you can’t leave home without, when hunting (pun intended) for your next gun purchase is your MA LTC PIN!

In previous years, the PIN was not required for gun purchases, the finger print system was still in effect, however, that is gone. You do need your MA LTC PIN whenever you’re buying a gun.

Some important things to remember

  • Whenever you renew your permit, you will get a new PIN. Make sure your current LTC matches the paperwork LTC number.
  • You can call at retrieve your PIN, however, only on weekdays (and during gun shows).
  • Your local Police Department cannot retrieve your PIN.
  • Gun Stores do not (see should not) keep your PIN.
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