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The Training Academy at Firearm Professionals

The Training Academy at FIREARM PROFESSIONALS is western Massachusetts’ premier firearms training facility. Located next door at 396 Main Street. Agawam, MA. A dedicated Firearms training facility, including small class sizes and experienced male and female instructors and the most state-of-the-art firearms training simulator available in the US.

The premier choice for firearms and licensing training in Massachusetts. Based in Agawam, we provide a variety of firearms training courses that includes handguns, firearms safety, protection in your home and more. If you are a beginner who has never had a firearm in your hand or if you want tactical handgun or rifle training, we can help you. We not only train individuals, but will customize a course to meet the needs of your company, sporting group or even an in-depth program for your security firm.

Mission Statement: Firearm Professionals is committed to providing you with the best, safest, and most thorough firearms training available, in a safe, comfortable, and positive learning environment.

Training Philosophy: Firearm Professionals is much more than a place to fulfill the State of Massachusetts’ requirement so you can apply for your License to Carry (LTC). Our general philosophy is to be safe, practical and relevant and to do what works. We try to give our students an understanding of what it might be like to use a firearm in everyday situations, and the skill set to do it effectively and the basic requirements of owning a Firearm.