March 8, 2016

Gun-a-Day March 7th

Savage Arms, Savage dealer, Agawam, Mass, MA, Firearm Professionals, Savage Rifles, Savage 93R17, 93R17 rifle, 17hmrMARCH 7th 2016 – 736 – Savage Arms 93R17

March 7th: Congratulations to the ticket holder of #736. You have just won a Savage Arms 93R17 rifle in .17hmr! The Pioneer Valley Friends of the NRA will be in touch with you shortly regarding your prize.

Good luck to all our ticket holders as the month progresses and we proudly deliver a Gun-a-Day on behalf of the Pioneer Valley Friends of the NRA (PVFNRA).


You will be contacted by the PVFNRA about your winning, before you come to pick up your prize. Please make sure you have your valid permit, MA PIN and driver’s license. You must have a valid Government-issued document with your current address to complete the background check – there are no exceptions.

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