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MA LTC  Live-Fire Certification

At Firearm Professionals we offer the MA LTC course NRA Home Firearm Safety,  a MA State Police approved course. In recent Months some of our local Police Departments are now requiring live-fire to qualify for your LTC. We want to enable everyone to qualify for this LTC and so we’ve put together a live-fire certification.

As part of this live-fire component you will:

  • Fire live round to prove proficiency
  • Load, unload and clear firearms
  • Demonstrate safety during a malfunction

Cost: $50. ($35 if you have taken our MA LTC Course). You must have your MA State Police Certificate, and bring it along with you to your appointment. At the successful completion of this test  you will receive a Live-Fire Certification from one of our MA State Police approved instructors. Please use the form below to schedule your live-fire certification.

This certification does not include use of our Firearm Simulator. You cannot apply for your MA LTC Permit with this certificate alone, you must undertake a MA State Police approved course. Please make sure you call your local Police Department for restrictions, and more information about the live-fire component, and to make sure our certificate meets your needs.

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