June 8, 2016

MA LTC Live-Fire Proficiency Test

MA LTC Live-Fire Requirement

We’re pleased to introduce our Live-Fire proficiency test! For those of you who reside in towns that now require a live-fire component, or you want to experience firing live-rounds.

Our proficiency tests are conducted by our NRA / MA State Police Approved instructors, by appointment only. You will be firing live-rounds, and as a result you must, at the very least, have your MA State Police certificate, for having completed a MA State Police approved course.

For those of you who took our MA LTC course, this test is $35. For anyone who did not take the course with us, the test is $50. Why? We have to first determine you are fully aware of all the safety aspects that we stress during our in-house MA LTC course. Once we are confident you can demonstrate safe gun handling, then you will participant in the live-fire component.

To schedule your live-fire certification, please visit our page today

You will be firing live rounds, under direct one-on-one supervision. You will be required to wear all safety protection and while we use lead-free ammunition, we do remind you of the dangers of live-fire.

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