May 2, 2016

MA Permit Safety Class tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 3rd from 5:30pm – 9:30pm is the comprehensive MA LTC course at Firearm Professionals, NRA Home Firearm Safety. This 4-hour course will teach you basic knowledge and understanding, gun maintenance, storage in the home, and ammunition. It is the minimum requirement to apply for your Gun Permit here in MA. Our course is $100, and upon completion of the one-time 4-hour course, including our Firearms Simulator shooting component you will receive your MA State Police certificate. This along with your MA Permit application is all you’ll need to apply for your Gun Permit, as soon as Wednesday!

At Firearm Professionals we teach you to be safe, and confident and respectful of guns, we don’t just teach you to get your permit. We focus on safety, and imparting as much gun knowledge as we can to keep you all safe when handling firearms, whether it be for your personal protection, to become a collector, getting in to hunting, or anything else to do with this great sport.

Train with us, and become responsible gun-loving citizens. Read some of our reviews online and you’ll hear why we’re the best!


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