November 30, 2016

Out of State Transfers

11/30/2016 – Effective January 1st, 2017 out of state FFL transfers will be $40.00. Your FFL transfer fee covers research in to the compliance of the firearm and the required federal and state paperwork.

Transferring a firearm from another state/FFL? The process is fairly simple, just make sure the firearm is MA Compliant! From that point on, you’ll need to have the sending FFL/dealer contact us for our license. Once they have our license the firearm will ship directly to us. Once we have it in our records, we can transfer the firearm to you! The transfer fee is $40. This fee covers MA Compliance research and paperwork.

In-person (1 MA LTC holder to another) through Firearm Professionals transfers are still $70.

Thank you for using Firearm Professionals for all your firearm needs!

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