USED Smith & Wesson Model 41
USED Colt 1911 US Army 1917 Model

This is a very nice, all original Colt Model of 1911 U.S. Army from 1917. This Colt 1911 comes with 1 original Colt magazine. All parts on this pistol appear to be original and correct.

USED Pre-ban UZI in 9mm

A RARE, Pre-ban 9mm Uzi in excellent condition. It comes with the original hard case and 2 magazines. Also included is an original .45 ACP conversion kit with 3 magazines in the original box.

Used Pre-ban Colt AR-15 HBAR Sporter

This Colt HBAR is pre-ban, and comes with 1 20-round magazine, butt stock cleaning kit and sling as shown. It is in excellent condition, and is chambered in .223.

USED Colt Python 357

This 1981 production Colt Python 357 has been sold.

Used Colt Government Model 380 in Satin Nickel

Massachusetts compliant COLT MK IV/SERIES 80 in excellent condition has been sold