May 22, 2016

PSA: Clean your Everyday Carry (EDC)

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Firearms carried for personal protection often collect quite a bit of lint/dust, and this can inhibit the normal function of your firearm. This is not something you want to malfunction should you need to rely on it.

  • Firearms operate better when clean and in proper working order.
  • Cleaning various types firearms can be just as varied as the firearms themselves.
  • Before cleaning your firearm, make absolutely sure that is in unloaded!
  • Be sure that there is no ammunition present in the cleaning area.
  • Refer to your owner’s manual when cleaning your firearm. Firearms often have to be disassembled to be thoroughly cleaned.

If you have questions, or concerns when cleaning your handguns, please check out our Handgun Cleaning workshops, where we’ll teach you the safest, most efficient way to clean your firearm. We provide all the tools and supplies, you only need bring your handgun!

FIREARM PROFESSIONALS stocks are wide variety of cleaning supplies for your firearm cleaning needs; including Hoppe’s, Froglube, Rem Oil, and the Hoppe’s Bore Snake! Our online store has a huge selection of cleaning products we just can’t carry in store. Check it out!

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