January 13, 2016

What is an LTC?

LTC / License to Carry / Gun Permit

You've probably heard all about "getting your LTC".

In short,  LTC stands for License To Carry, and otherwise referred to as a "gun permit".

In Massachusetts there are 2 main gun permits/types of licenses. The LTC and the FID.

License To Carry is called as such, but doesn't necessarily mean you have the right to carry. It does give you the right to "purchase and possess" handguns and rifles, however, depending on your town, and your background, you may see "restrictions to carrying" on your permit.

The most common are "Target & Hunting", and "Work purposes". You must adhere to any restrictions your permit has, which may prevent you carrying concealed for your protection.

Your Police Chief has the sole discretion for issuing permits and/or their restrictions.

The FID, or Firearms ID is also referred to as a gun permit, which enables you to purchase and possess long guns, such as AR rifles, bolt-action rifles, etc and shotguns. You are restricted to purchasing 10-round magazine capacity with an FID, as opposed to an LTC.

Yes, MA has a 10-round maximum law in effect, it doesn't however restrict the purchase or possession of rifles and handguns in the state before the 1994 "Assualt Weapons Ban". Guns that fall in to this category can be purchased by individuals who have a valid LTC, but are not legal for an FID holder.

*mock-up of a MA LTC. You can see this LTC holder has "None" listed for his restrictions.

MA State Police Approved Course by FIREARM PROFESSIONALS

How do I get my LTC/FID?

Very good question! The steps to applying for an LTC a quite simple (for most of MA - see recent Lowell Police Chief in the news).

  1. Take a Safety course, as approved by the MA State Police, from a MA State Police Instructor.
  2. Complete an application and along with your State Police certificate, apply with your local Police Department.
  3. Photographs, finger prints, interviews and background checks are then conducted by the Police.
  4. Once your permit has been approved to may have to pick it up from your local Police Department, or it may be mailed to you.
* Please understand there are many variances in our state to state laws. This site is intended to provide you with a base of information and should not be misconstrued for current law. While we strive to provide you with the most accurate information, it is your responsibility to verify the information offered here. By using this information, you agree to hold harmless and without liability, FIREARM PROFESSIONALS, LLC or any of its employees.
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