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Young Guns – Youth Gun Safety Training
$45/child. 8-14 years old

Firearm Professionals youth gun safety training is designed to teach youngsters about gun safety, and parents to help their children learn.

We cover basic gun safety, and well as what to do should they come across a gun, anywhere. We want to ensure your children understand the dangers of firearms, how important they are to stay away from, unsupervised, but also, the difference between real and toy guns.

The 45-minute program is for 8-14 years old and includes:

  • Your Gun Safety Rules
  • Real vs Toy Guns
  • What to do if you see a Gun
  • How to handle a gun (with a parent present); and
  • Supervised hands-on

Our focus, with all our training here at Firearm Professionals, is safety, and we do just that, but this course is catered to you and your children.

Let’s keep them safe through training and education.

We do teach a little on handling of Firearms, and then allow them to take part in some shooting drills on our Firearm Simulator. The safest, and most fun way to learn to fire guns. Our Simulator is accurate and realistic, without any of the lead, or deadly dangers of firing guns.

We want you to participate in the class, and encourage your child to learn and ask questions. You must be present for the entire course, and your child can only use the Simulator with you at their side.

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