June 9, 2016

Youth Gun Safety program

Firearm Professionals is proud to announce the launch of our “Young Guns” – youth gun safety program. At Firearm Professionals our focus has always been safety, and we have noticed a huge gap in the training available for youth. As a part of the NRA Home Firearm Safety, we briefly touch on Firearm Safety with children in the home, and we wanted to expand on that, and give parents and children a little more information than that course provides.

We have designed a program to teach children about gun safety, and what to do should they come across a gun. Our 45-minute Young Guns program is for 1-parent + 1-child, with a maximum of 4 children per class.

This exclusive Youth Gun Safety program is available at Firearm Professionals only

Book online today, or call (413) 654-6789 for more information.

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